About Us

Custom Hardware Design

We develop custom electronics for scale. We develop integrated designs for single board computers, system on modules and peripherals.

Design to production to scalability at One place

Our hardware and embedded engineers cover your hardware needs. If you want to go incrementally, we can design electronic hardware, an enclosure, PCB, or offer FPGA design services. If you need to put together a full-scale electronic device, we will take you from conceptualization to trial manufacturing to mass production.

Industries in focus

Consumer Electronics

We create and test IOT solutions for unconventional Electronics devices that include tracking, measuring, Wearables with analysis and visualization.


We create electronics for IR, 4K camera systems with integrated LIDAR, RADAR, Microphone arrays with CPU, GPU and NPU.

How do we do it

  1. Gather requirements
  2. Functional Design
  3. Schematic Design
  4. PCB
  5. Sample and Test run
  6. Enclosure Models
  7. Batch runs
  8. Mass production
  • Assessing expectations of the product, its use cases, manufacturing and logistics options.
  • Defining key functional features: technology, methods, vendors, ballpark design and production cost.
  • Elaborating circuit design with actual electronic connections based on functional diagram and selecting relevant electronic components based on required functions.
  • Components placement and PCB layout: Verifying PCB’s signal, and power integrity, thermal conditions as well as electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility through various types of modeling.
  • Assisting customers with manufacturing, Supervising the production process with the co-manufacturer.
  • Ensuring full compatibility of the casing and PCB.
  • We can supervise the mass production preparation process which includes: optimization of the BOM, components, logistics, and mass production process.